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Advanced Reaper Configuration



Logo de ReArtist, configuración avanzada de Reaper por Edu Serra

Sometimes good things take more time...

Hi, I'm Edu. I know many people is waiting for the release of ReArtist 2.0 but getting it done, the way I want it, with the educational contents and the new Reaper 7 features, that in this very moment are being perfected by the developers at, will take more time than I expected.

This site has to be updated, the ReArtist video course has to be translated from spanish to english and updated too because it was done with ReArtist 1.2, and some other thigs that I want to get ready for you are yet to be done. So I decided to postpone the release of ReArtist 2.0 to early 2024.

This will give me time to work more calmly and also for the Reaper developers to finish making major improvements and new features to the DAW.

But I promise you that ReArtist 2.0 will be amazing!

Thanks for your understanding
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