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  • What is music production?
    To have a song finished, a process called Musical Production must be carried out, which consists of 3 stages: 1) Pre-production: It's everything you do to create the song, compose the music and lyrics, practice with your group so that it sounds good and choose the sounds that the song has to carry. 2) Production: It is when you record in your home studio or in a professional studio all the instruments and voices that the song that you composed during pre-production should have. At this stage it is key to achieve a good "capture" or recording of the sounds and the best possible interpretation, since it will be something that will last forever. 3) Post-production: It is the last stage and in it all the tracks you recorded of different instruments and voices are mixed, so that everything is left together in a single stereo track. This stereo track is finally mastered so that the song is sounding as the media requires. Whether for CD, for radio, YouTube or digital platforms such as Spotify At AM AUDIO I can advise you during your production process so that you can record in the best way available and so I can offer you Mixing and Mastering services at a discount for Premium clients.
  • Why should you mix and master at AM AUDIO?
    To carry out a good mix and mastering, several conditions must be met. In the first place, the human factor, that is, the experience one has of the trade, as well as of music. 30 years in the music industry and 20 of them producing, recording and mixing artists are a guarantee that the work will be done by an expert. In second place the acoustics. Many studios do not meet this fundamental requirement and believe that with a few foams on the wall their space will sound good. At AM AUDIO we have a professional acoustic adaptation that controls that the sound is heard in the most optimal and clear way, allowing creative and technically correct decisions to be made. We have real floor-to-ceiling bass traps and panels, ensuring our room meets the requirements for mixing and mastering. Thirdly, the equipment, which consists of the following elements: 1) Monitoring: Our room has ADAM AUDIO 3-way German monitors with great sound fidelity, complemented by the ADAM SUB 8 sub woofer for monitoring low frequencies. Additionally, we have the classic Yamaha NS10M Studio monitors, a standard in terms of audio reference worldwide. 2) Digital conversion and processing: We have the best ANTELOPE AUDIO digital conversion and a long list of plug-ins from Universal Audio, Waves, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, among others. All our work is done in the revolutionary DAW Reaper 6 that allows more efficient flows than others and with a unique algorithmic precision and audio engine. 3) Analog processes: We have tube and solid state analog compressors, limiters and saturators, as well as an analog console/adder; through which we give the songs a very nice color, warmth and "punch" in our mixes and masters. And finally, a customer service that is always giving the maximum so that your songs and productions sound in the best possible way and you are fully satisfied. Our sound is our letter of introduction and above all our passion and we will spare no effort in achieving the sound you dream of for your music.
  • What is the audio editing service and why is it important?
    It is not common for a mixing and mastering studio to offer editing services since it is a process that traditionally must be done in the studio where it was recorded, however, it is common that the material that comes to us for mixing still has various problems such as rhythmic inaccuracies, noises of different types, and vocal tuning problems. In such a competitive market there is no room for error and each track must sound perfect because a good mix and subsequent mastering depend on it. In AM AUDIO we will evaluate your tracks to find out if they need to be edited or optimized in any way and thus we will give the go-ahead to start mixing or we will tell you if some degree of editing and correction is necessary. This is a service that is charged separately, but we offer it to you for free if you take the mixing + mastering combo with us.
  • How should my files be delivered to AM AUDIO?
    It is very important that you deliver the files to us in the best way so that there is no problem, degradation or damage to the material in that process. In the following INSTRUCTIONAL DELIVERY TUTORIAL we explain the steps to send us your audio files.
  • How will my mixed and/or mastered songs be delivered to me?
    I use the service of the page from which you can listen, review and send modifications, as well as download your songs once you have approved the work and canceled its value, at that moment we will activate the download option for download it to your team.
  • What musical genres do you mix and master at AM AUDIO?
    As you may have noticed in the "Music" section of my portfolio, I have examples of productions of various genres. I work with all musical genres, although due to my activity as a rock guitarist, that has been the genre that I have worked on most frequently. But in any case, I have also worked with other genres and styles in general. Send me your music, it will always be a challenge for me to work on it and give it the shine it deserves.
  • I record my songs in my home studio, how do I know when they are ready to be mixed or mastered?
    Today most artists have their own home studio and record their productions there. In case you need the mixing service, what you should do is send us the tracks once you have finished recording all the instruments and voices, for this I will send you a PDF with detailed instructions on how to do it. In case you have already finished mixing and you need the mastering service, you just have to send me a stereo file with the finished mix and I will review it here, if I find that there are things that you can improve the mix, I will tell you clearly. If you require advice during the process we can do it. But if you are very amateur in the mix, it is best that you leave that work to me and only concentrate on recording in the best possible way, and then I will take care of everything so that your song sounds incredible.
  • Can you give me the mixing projects of my songs?
    When you hire a mixing and/or mastering service you are paying for the result and not for the process, which is my intellectual property. If you require I can send you stems of the instruments and voices of your song, as well as instrumental or a cappella versions. This service is charged separately or depends on what we have negotiated.
  • How is the payment process for the services contracted with AM AUDIO?
    We receive consignments and transfers to our bank accounts in Colombia (Davivienda and Bancolombia) we also offer the payment service through Mercado Pago and PayU. It is possible that depending on your location or where you make the payment, you may have to additionally pay a bank commission, which we will review when you go to make the payment. In order to receive your finished works you must have paid 100% of the service, at that time I will activate the download of your files.
  • How many times can I request revisions/corrections to the mixes and masterings contracted with AM AUDIO?
    Normally it is not necessary to make more than 3 rounds of corrections, but if more are necessary I have no problem. Obviously we could not do it without limit, but it is something that we coordinate between the two parties. The important thing is that you are 100% satisfied.
  • What services are included in the film post production package?
    The package includes everything you need to make your movie audio the best it can be. In that sense, I carry out various tasks in 4 phases as follows: 1. Optimization of the sound material: It is about cleaning, restoring, editing and, in general, optimizing the original material of the direct sound as much as possible, so that it can be mixed. Editing and cleaning of dialogs and live effects are the usual in this phase. 2. Sound design: Here the foley part is performed (steps, movements, etc), effects are added, and stereo environments are added (to give better texture and atmosphere). In general, the entire film is sounded with material from the direct as well as material created by me expressly for the film. 3. Musicalization and mixing stage: Here we add the original music that has been composed for the audiovisual and we proceed to the leveling, balance, setting, qualification and in general everything necessary so that the dialogues, music, environments and effects are appreciated in a way coherent and based on the language and the complete expression of the audiovisual as a whole of image and sound. This work is done in stereo (two channels: left and right) if the client requires it, I additionally do the 5.1 Surround mix, once the stereo version has been approved. 4. Mastering and delivery: The leveling of the material is done according to the type of exhibition required (theater, TV, Web Streaming), the nomenclature of the audio material is made and it is sent through the internet.
  • Can I hire individual services?
    Of course. We can do the services individually, as long as you deliver the material to us in conditions to do so, that is, if the audio of your work has not been edited, nor noises have been eliminated, nor has the sound design been done, it would be It is impossible for you to hire only the mixing service. I will always make an evaluation of the material before making a quote for any service.
  • Do you offer 5.1 audio service for DCP?
    Of course. We can do two things depending on the situation you are in: Case 1: You contracted the complete post package with AM AUDIO, so we have all the inputs and audio channels to mix in 5.1 Case 2: You have a stereo version of your audiovisual only. In this case what we can do is "inflate" through decoder software, your stereo mix to a 5.1 version. This option does not allow as much control as in case 1, it will simply be a 5.1 version of the audio that you already had previously in stereo
  • Do you offer the service of original music composition for film/video?
    My specialty is post production, so I don't do music. except for very specific cases. But I have an alliance with an excellent composer to whom I can refer you so that you can negotiate directly with him.
  • How should I submit the audio of my film to AM AUDIO?
    To start working on the post of your film I need several conditions: 1. That the video edition/montage of the movie is finished and the audiovisual is officially closed. If you still have parts of this process to complete, this is not the right time to start an audio post. 2. Having the finished material in montage, I require the editor to send me an OMF file that contains all the audio of the montage project. All the dialogues must be perfectly synchronized and that what sounds is what was chosen. It is not my job to do direct sound synchronization or data management. 3. Follow and comply with the instructions that I will send you in pdf where everything that concerns the delivery of the material is explained, as well as the conditions of the work to be carried out.
  • How is the payment process for the audiovisual post?
    Payment is made in two parts based on what you quote. 50% to start and 50% against delivery of the material. I absolutely do not deliver final audios if the material has not been completely canceled. I don't do invoices, I only work with collection accounts, so in advance you must tell me what documents you need so you can pay me. Especially when it comes to FDC incentives, it is important to have all the documents in order before starting the work. In Colombian territory the payment will be consignment/transfer to one of my bank accounts (Davivienda or Bancolombia). In case of an order outside of Colombia, the payment may be by Mercado Pago or PayU. In this case you must add 2% to the total price. I send an email with instructions for the payment of the contracted services.
  • How many revisions/corrections can I make to the work?
    I can offer you a maximum of 3 revisions (correction or modification batches of elements of the soundtrack) if you require more revisions, these will have an additional cost depending on the degree of complexity of the same. It will be something that we can define given the case.
  • How do I receive the finished audio?
    Once you have approved the work and canceled all the contracted services, the audio files will be sent to you as follows: 1. In the case of a stereo mix, I will send you a single .wav file with the entire mix, which you must import into your montage project from the beginning and must synchronize perfectly. 2. In the case of a 5.1 mix, I send you 6 monophonic files labeled as follows: L, R, C, Ls, Rs, LFE. Which you must deliver to the person who makes you the DCP, who will attach them to the rest of the package conformation process. If you need to have the audio stems (individual mixes of Effects, Music, Dialogues and Environments) this has an additional value and you must notify me in advance that you are going to require them in order to schedule time for their realization.
  • Is it possible that you give me the whole project of the post?
    When you hire my services you are hiring the result, not the process, which is my intellectual property. Although obviously the original audios are yours, what I do with them and the means by which I arrive at the final result is my exclusive work. If you need to have more control over the material later, I will gladly send you the stems and with that you will be able to review or modify your audio in the future if you wish. Making the stems has an additional cost and you must inform me in advance if you are going to need them. Always remember to have a copy or backup of all your original material before sending material to me.
  • How should you appear in the credits of my film?
    Depends on the work I've done. When you make the delivery or when it seems pertinent, I will send you a text with the credits corresponding to my work.
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