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Welcome to the free downloads section. In the following folders you will find the ReArtist installer files for PC & Mac.

ReArtist 2.0.1 has been developed in Reaper 7.15 on Windows 11 and 10 and tested on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 with good results. Avoid installing ReArtist 2 on Reaper 6 for that matter install the deprecated version of ReArtist 1.5.2.

I don't know how ReArtist 2 is going to run on Mac M1 or M2, since I have no way to test it there, so if this is your case it will be a matter of trial and error.

If you need to report an error or difficulty, go to the support group on Facebook HERE since I will not personally attend to any requests via WhatsApp.

Finally, remember that the best scenario is to install ReArtist on a new installation of Reaper 7.15. If you do it on a configuration where you already have shortcuts and modifications that you have made, these will be deleted. Back up your Reaper resources folder or back up your settings in Preferences/General/Export Reaper Configuration, so you can return to your previous state if you decide to uninstall ReArtist.

If you agree to install ReArtist you assume full responsibility. ReArtist is delivered as is. ReArtist is Free Software under the LGPL v3 license and its distribution, copy and replication is permitted, but it is prohibited for you to attribute this work to yourself, but you are authorized to make modifications to it and distribute it equally freely, you just have to give credit to Edu Serra or explain yours is a modified version. You are not allowed to sell copies of ReArtist or host it on a Website or cloud drive with comercial intentions. The only official versions of ReArtist are those published on this website The ReaPack and SWS Extensions tools contained in ReArtist are the exclusive property of their developers and since they are distributed as free software, they have been contained within ReArtist without modifications of any kind. Support developers at

I hope ReArtist helps you discover the wonderful world of Reaper.

Edu Serra.

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