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The website HTTPS://EDUSERRA.NET/, is a page owned by EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS, a natural person, domiciled in Colombia, governed by Colombian law and these Terms and Conditions, which the USER is obliged to respect from the moment of entering the site. If the USER does not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, they must refrain from entering the website or using its services.

1. Definitions

to. User: person who enters the EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS website or makes use of any of its services.
b. Website. URL address (HTTPS://WWW.EDUSERRA.NET/) property of EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS and to which these terms and conditions apply.
c. Owner. EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS, who has control over the content that is entered, deleted or remains on the site, as well as its publication.
d. Data processing: Any operation or operations (collect, store, analyze, transmit, delete, etc.) that is carried out with personal data.
and. Responsible for the treatment. The person who decides on the treatment given to users' personal data, which for the purposes of these terms and conditions, will be EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS.
F. Personal data. Any information associated or that can be associated with one or more specific or determinable persons.
g. Headline. Person whose personal data is processed.

2. Personal data processing policy

By providing personal data and accepting its processing, the USER authorizes the website and EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS to store, transmit, transfer in any capacity the information provided. Likewise, you accept its use for the purposes of providing a better service, commercial and advertising uses and the communication of offers on the website, EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS and third parties to whom the information has been transferred in any capacity.

By providing their personal data, the USER accepts that they become part of the database generated by the website or EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS and that it is included, along with their information, in the assets of the website or EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS for operations. sale, merger, spin-off or any other commercial operation.

Owner Obligations

Protection measures: to guarantee the privacy of the personal data provided by the USER, the owner is obliged to take the necessary protection measures to prevent unauthorized access to said information. These measures will be adjusted depending on the type of information provided but in no case is an obligation of result assumed regarding the protection of said data. In case of unauthorized entry, violation, or failure of security services, the owner undertakes to solve the problem within a reasonable time, but will not be responsible for any damages caused to the USER or third parties due to the violation of security measures. arranged or abusive access to the computer system of EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS.

Control of information: the USER may at any time request the correction, rectification, or update of the information provided. When the Superintendency of Commerce finds that the owner has failed to comply with the data protection policy established here or with the minimums established by law, the USER may request the deletion of their personal data from both the website and the EDUARDO databases. SERRANO ROJAS and third parties to whom it has been transferred in any capacity.

Response terms: the owner will respond within a maximum of 10 (ten) business days to requests for personal data consultation that are submitted by the USER through the channels established for this purpose. When the request concerns correction, updating or deletion of data, the response time will be 15 (fifteen) business days.
Service channels: for requests to update, rectify, update or delete your personal data, the USER may contact the email address EDUSERRA.NET@GMAIL.COM and the telephone number 3186933403.

Copy of authorization: the owner will keep a copy of the authorization granted by the USER for the processing of his or her personal data and will deliver it within 10 (ten) business days following the request made by the USER. The terms will begin to count from the business day following the date of the request.

Disclosure of information: EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS may disclose the USER's personal data when required by competent administrative or judicial authorities.

3. Intellectual property

The content of the website (articles, images, videos, logos, designs, among others) is the property of EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS and may only be consulted by the USER for personal purposes. Any downloading, reproduction, storage, transmission, transfer to allow access to third parties, whether for personal or commercial purposes, is prohibited.

When third-party content is presented on the website (articles, images, opinions, videos, logos, designs, among others), this is done with the authorization of the authors of the content and its download, reproduction, storage, transmission or transfer under any title. on the part of the USER is subject to the same restrictions as the previous paragraph.

Regarding the content that the USER enters on the website and that does not constitute personal data (opinions, comments, images, videos, logos, designs, among others), the USER grants the site and EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS a license for its use without any restriction. , including, but not limited to, storage, reproduction, transfer under any title, for consideration, free of charge, exhibition, among others.

4. Quality of the information provided

The content published on the website by any means or format (text, video, images, etc.) serves merely illustrative purposes and does not constitute advice or counsel on any of the topics covered. EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS does not guarantee the timeliness or veracity of the information contained, without prejudice to that which constitutes a commercial offer or part of it in accordance with Colombian regulations.

EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS does not guarantee the timeliness or veracity of the information contained in websites, files, applications, and other third-party content to which the USER is redirected from the website owned by them, as well as the content contributed by other users on the spaces arranged for it. The entry and use of the sites, files, applications and similar to which the USER is redirected from HTTPS://WWW.EDUSERRA.NET/ will be subject to their terms and conditions, over which EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS has no control. any responsibility.


EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS also does not guarantee that the content of third-party websites, files or applications complies with Colombian legislation on data protection or that the content presented there is legal under Colombian regulations.

EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS is not responsible for any damages or losses that may be caused to the USER or third parties by the inaccuracy, error, or veracity of the information provided on the website or sites, applications, files, documents and content of third parties to which it is redirected the USER, as well as partial or complete failures in its operation, malicious codes that third parties included in the site or its files. The foregoing without prejudice to that information that constitutes a commercial offer on HTTPS://WWW.EDUSERRA.NET/ in accordance with Colombian regulations.

5. Moderation

To guarantee the proper functioning of the website and a safe experience for users, EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS may:

to. Change these Terms and Conditions, as well as the website's privacy policy, at any time.
b. Deny the registration of a USER.
c. Delete the USER's personal data from its databases at any time.
d. Delete the content that the USER has entered on the page, including but not limited to comments, images, logos, videos, plans, designs, among others.
and. Temporarily or permanently suspend the publication of the website, as well as any of the services it provides.
F. Delete without prior notice a part or all of the content added by the USER to the site when it violates these terms and conditions or Colombian legislation.
The USER, to guarantee the proper functioning of the site and a safe experience for others, must:
to. Only access the sections of the site for which you have been authorized.
b. Refrain from providing false personal data, or that mislead the website, EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS to other users or third parties, or that attempt to impersonate them.
c. Refrain from carrying out commercial or promotional activities in the spaces where the site allows you to add content, unless expressly authorized.
d. Refrain from downloading, reproducing, duplicating, storing, exhibiting and in general making available the paid content of the site for display or access by any external means, whether for personal or commercial purposes.
and. Refrain from providing your login credentials (PASSWORD AND EMAIL) so that third parties other than the USER can access the paid content of the site.
F. Refrain from insulting, slandering or bullying other users through the means provided by the site for interaction between them or the publication of user content. Likewise, the USER must refrain from publishing immoral, racist, sexist, obscene, openly illegal content or content that violates these terms and conditions.
g. Refrain from sending unwanted emails or messages (SPAM) to other users of the website, whether through the means of communication provided within the same site or externally.

6. Cookies policy

Cookies are files that are saved on the USER's computer or device when visiting the website. These files contain information about the USER's preferences, login data on different websites as well as pages visited, clicks given and information with which forms were filled out, among others. Cookies help the site work faster and provide better service.
The USER can disable the use of cookies for specific sites from their web browser settings. By not disabling them for the EDUARDO SERRANO ROJAS website, you accept their use.
Disabling the use of cookies may cause the site to not function properly, with low speed, with errors or with failures that do not allow use by the USER.

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