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  • Once you give me your tracks, I will take care of editing them so that they sound perfect, without noise or technical problems. The editing includes vocal tuning, drum setup to the grid, and everything necessary to get the individual tracks ready for the next step: mixing.

  • If you require it, you can send me your electric guitar and electric bass tracks recorded cleanly and online (for example, directly to your interface) and I will be in charge of giving them a professional, organic and powerful sound.

  • Once I have the mix finished and approved by you, I will proceed to master it to give it a finish that allows your song to be heard perfectly on different audio devices and that it can be played on all types of platforms. Mastering is the last step to making your song sound radio ready!
    I use digital and analog processes to give a more organic and pleasant sound to your final mix and turn it into a professional quality Master.

  • Mixing is the process of giving your raw tracks a professional sound and turning them into something incredible. I will be in charge of giving your songs a unique sound in accordance with your style and concept. I use digital processes (plugins) as well as analogue processes (hardware) that allow me to take advantage of the benefits of both technologies and your project will benefit. The mix will be sent to you for you to review and once you are satisfied we move on to the Mastering stage.

  • In audiovisual projects I do everything necessary to achieve a clear and coherent sound with the vision of direction and production.

  • The work begins with audio editing, cleaning the dialogue channel and leveling all the live material.

  • Then I proceed to carry out the sound design with foley, environments and effects in general.

  • Finally I mix with all the elements (dialogues, environments and effects and music) in stereo and if the client requires it I can also deliver 5.1 audio channels ready for the DCP.

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