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Hello, I am Edu Serra. I'm a guitarist, producer and composer. Since 2001 I started in this exciting world of music production in AM AUDIO, my studio in Cali, Colombia. Since then I have worked on countless musical and film productions, always dedicated to achieving the best possible sound with an artistic and conceptual approach that allows me to achieve truly different and interesting products.


  • Formal music studies at the School of Music of the Universidad del Valle in Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

  • Professional Title of Social Communicator-Journalist, from the School of Social Communication of the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia.

  • Studies in recording and musical production at CEARTEC, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Sound post-production for cinema at TECSON, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Studies in sound mixing for cinema at Escuela Fernando Sor, Bogotá, Colombia.

I have worked for 30 years as a musician, guitarist and composer in rock, blues and metal bands from the city of Cali, including (Orion, Dr Faustus, Big Mama Blues and Lazy Dogs).
Since 2000 I have worked as a music producer and sound engineer in AM AUDIO studio. From 2005 to 2015 I worked as a university professor of sound design in various institutions in my country (Universidad del Valle, Universidad Autónoma, Universidad del Magdalena, Universidad de Manizales, Instituto ESCINE).

I have worked as a sound designer and post sound producer for numerous award-winning film productions in Europe, the United States and Latin America.
I have worked as a music producer for the Telepacífico television channel in Colombia.
I have been a composer of music for performing arts, advertising commercials and TV.
I currently work as a mixing and mastering engineer and as an online educator while developing ReArtist for Reaper.

Working with talented artists allowed me to obtain recognition as Best Rock Producer at the 2015 Subterránica Colombia Awards; I was also lucky enough to participate, as a recording and mixing engineer, in a production by the artist Marta Gómez nominated for the 2018 Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Folklore Album. Best sound design for short film Perros de la Jungla at some film festival whose name I haven't been able to remember.

My passion has always been music, film and audio. I fervently believe that knowledge should be shared, which is why, along with my professional activity, I have worked as a music and audio production teacher, collaborating in the training of hundreds of young talents in my country.

During my career I have worked on projects of many genres, mainly rock, metal, and pop; but also ballad, Latin, rap, folklore and classical music. I believe that all genres have something interesting to contribute when they are made with taste, discipline and talent.

My philosophy regarding audio is to take advantage of all technological resources, both analog and digital, to give the productions in my charge a unique sound that helps the artist to successfully project themselves in the tight industry, that is my commitment.

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